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COVID-19 Appeal for Esperanza.


Community health centers like ours have been especially hard hit by the surging COVID-19 outbreak.

Over the past two months Esperanza's care teams have been busy. We have canceled non-essential visits to keep patients safe at home and limit crowding in our waiting rooms, erected an outdoor tent at our Brighton Park facility to provide COVID-19 testing, and we have rolled out telemedicine so providers can continue treating patients via phone or video chat.

But the situation we find ourselves in is not sustainable. As long as the pandemic affects our city and we urge our patients to stay home, our finances will continue to be severely impacted. Efforts are underway to mitigate some of those losses, but the financial pressures are just too significant and both jobs and services are now at risk.

Our request to you is simple. If you can give something to Esperanza today, please give whatever you can.

No one knows how long this will go or in what shape our community health centers will be when it ends. But for the thousands of patients we serve, many of whom have already been battered by job loss and insecurity, losing access to affordable, bilingual and award-winning health care would be a terrible price to pay. Times are uncertain for everyone, but we also believe some of us are better prepared to weather the storm than others. We truly hope you’ll be able to help at this critical moment.